Daily Tracking

Track questions posed, remembered dreams, messages you receive, deliveries in-play, completed deliveries, rehearsal focus, and the inspired actions you take on a daily basis.
Also add daily appointments and tasks to keep you organized.

Scripting Page

Draft out present-tense, stream of consciousness thoughts that can be used as prompts for your daily rehearsal practice.

Weekly Magic Report

Develop a better relationship with your subconscious mind by reflecting on your experience playing the game on the Weekly Magic Report pages. Journal about your successes, your frustrations, progress made, surprises, etc.

Tracking Journal

This is a 12-week tracking journal for those who are playing The Game of Hidden Messages (a.k.a. The GOHM). The GOHM is a strategic way to interact with your subconscious mind to enhance intuition, expand creativity and increase motivation to take actions that bring you more of the kind of life experiences you wish to have. It takes the law of attraction (or law of reflection) to a whole new arena. Through this fun game, life begins to unfold in a creative, inspired manner that facilitates achieving your dreams in a way that feels almost effortless and perhaps even magical. Plan your week, record your progress, journal your emotions along the way. Expect results, get results, record results, share results, enjoy the game. It's the ultimate tool created specifically to enhance the daily practice of conscious co-creation.


Begin Your Game

You can create your own journal or purchase the official tracking journal to document your experience as a GOHM player.

Behind the Game

Jen Wilding is behind the creation of The Game of Hidden Messages. She is a personal development coach & hypnosis practitioner based in Los Angeles, CA and has a specialty of working with singles to get our of heartbreak and back into love or to attract a healthy love relationship. The GOHM is one of many tools in her unique SYLCAPÉ Method arsenal facilitating profound personal transformations.