Law of Attraction meets Gamification

Whenever I introduce something new, I know the quickest way to explain what it is is to talk about known concepts and how this new idea is a kind of mashup. In this sense The Game of Hidden Messages is sort of like: The Law of Attraction meets Gamification. Except, I will eventually clarify that I don't teach Law of Attraction. I teach what I believe is a more accurate concept called Law of Reflection. But, due to the prevalence and popularity of the Law of Attraction, I'm fine to have this be used as a shortcut to understanding of The Game of Hidden Messages. Playing The GOHM will actually help you to get a fantastic grasp the role of the subconscious mind in creating your life experience. You can improve your life by developing a really good relationship with your subconscious and there is no better way than playing The GOHM and tracking your progress with a tool like the tracking journal. -

-- Jen Wilding, creator of The GOHM

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