How many messages might I receive in a day?

As far as the number of messages you may receive while playing the game, you might receive only one, or you could receive a dozen. It’s also possible that you may not see a message at all in a day, but this should be rare. If you don’t notice anything, revisit all of the different things that could qualify as a ‘message’.

Remember, a message can be related to questions you are currently posing or have posed (or wondered about) in the past. They can be ideas for a new artistic project that you never asked about but is related to some type of project you have wanted to create. A message could be an insightful quote or tweet that you hear that is particularly applicable to your situation. A message could be a confirmation that you made the right choice because something you are doing feels very right or in alignment with your desires.

A message could even be a recurring number or symbol that you notice multiple times throughout the day, even though you have no idea of the specific significance to you. If this occurs, write it down. It’s significant enough to qualify as a message because you noticed it multiple times. This means your subconscious has a heightened awareness to that symbol. Within days you may discover a possible application or greater meaning or remember a past memory where that number or symbol was relevant to you. If not, you simply move on to focus on other messages. There’s no need to force meaning where there isn’t anything occurring to you, naturally.

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