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The Objective

The Objective playing of The GOHM is to create strong beliefs and expectations that a particular experience for your life will occur, without the specific knowledge of how it will happen. In doing this, you become a co-creator in your life facilitating these experiences.

GOHM Vocabulary

Desire: a particular experience you wish to occur in your life.

Rehearsal: an imaginative process focused on having what you desire in the present moment and feeling gratitude for receiving it.

Scripting: the process of journaling an inner monologue you can read to prompt thoughts for your rehearsal process. Thoughts are worded in present tense.

Hidden Message / Received Message: a contact, resource, tip, or idea that may bring you closer to a delivery that you could only notice because you were playing The GOHM.

Inspired Actions: actions you take based on information or opportunities gathered from hidden messages

Delivery In-Play: something you desire that appears to be on its way to you

Received Delivery / Completed Delivery: the experience of receiving the anticipated desire for your life in your present reality.

Magic Report: the story of your experience of the journey from articulating the desire to receiving the delivery and how it unfolded.


your game is only for you

#1 Your experience is only for you.

Avoid sharing with anyone details of your personal experience with The GOHM. Avoid discussing day-to-day hidden messages, received messages or deliveries in-play, beyond perhaps your general GOHM desires (what you hope to bring to life) among close friends. You are playing covertly and having a good time doing it. If you feel you must share insights and messages as they unfold, see instruction #5 about tracking via a journal.

Of course, over time you will want to share your success stories from playing The GOHM, and this is encouraged, but only after you've experienced a completed delivery from beginning to end.

If you have a friend who is interested in learning about playing The GOHM for themselves, by all means, introduce it to them. But if they ask you specific details about your daily experiences, outside of obvious synchronistic events they may witness in their proximity to you, politely decline, reminding them of rule number one of The GOHM.

This also means you must honor the privacy of others you know who are playing The GOHM. Instead, speak in generalities with each other. For example, you might share: I'm excited because I think I received a hidden message today. (Keep the actual message to yourself.) Or, I think I have a delivery in-play (without sharing what that delivery is).

#2 You cannot receive a message on behalf of another player.

You can't officially identify a hidden message for another player, who is playing or not playing The GOHM for themselves. You can, however, relay helpful information, make suggestions to them, or offer to connect them to resources, based on ideas that come to you. In this way, you still might be playing the role of a message-bearer to them in their own game. The only person able to determine the actual significance of the message for a GOHM player, however, is The GOHM player, herself. For example there is never a reason to say, I received a message for you, because if you truly have a message for someone playing The GOHM who is looking for hidden messages, the power of the message is derived from their own discovery of its private significance to them. It is crucial to let them discover or not discover what is relevant to their personal GOHM game.

In short: When it comes to other GOHM players, you can perhaps be a messenger, but you cannot be an interpreter or identifier of a hidden message intended for them.

GOHM players
Discovering Hidden Messages

#3 How to identify hidden messages:

The hidden messages you uncover or discover will include clues about a direction to go in, something to investigate, or a positive choice to make that is significant to your desire. Even if the message involves influencing you to avoid doing something, it will also present the reason why this better supports your desire, if it is, in fact, a hidden message.

Hidden messages may present themselves in the form of recurring words or symbols that you may not know the significance of at the time they present themselves. When you notice these repetitive words or symbols, simply take them as clues that you will discover a link to their significance to you at some later time.

Hidden messages may be hidden contacts or resources that move you forward on your journey to ultimate life improvement in many areas, including love. Hidden messages could arrive in your nightly dreams as a message from your subconscious in response to questions asked.

Sometimes you might think a delivery in-play has failed to become completed, but when this happens, the delivery in-play was a hidden message or route to keep you on track to find the next message leading to the actual delivery that should be even better than the one you thought you missed. In other words, it's a preparation signal related to the actual delivery.

#4 Engage in private meditation rehearsal on a regular basis.

Rehearse in present-tense thought language and with a feeling of gratitude for the delivery. Reading a pre-written script for rehearsal is optional.

rehearsal meditation
GOHM player inspired action

#5: Take action, immediately, on hidden messages as they are revealed to you.

Playing The GOHM involves receiving messages and taking actions in your life based on those messages. You are only really consciously playing The GOHM if you are consistently taking actions on received messages, a resource, or an inspired idea that feels good to you to act on. Action could be just looking into an idea further or moving forward on an existing idea.

tracking journal

#6: Track your progress in a tracking journal.

Tracking your progress is an important part of the game because it enhances the results for all the desires you put out there. When you very clearly identify the path linking all the hidden messages, inspired actions, and completed deliveries, you may need something in ink to prove it to yourself that what you think happened did happen. Why? Because sometimes the getting is so good that you will doubt it happened the way you think it happened. Writing it down will help you to understand that you aren't crazy, and build momentum for continued participation and bigger and better rewards.

The official GOHM tracking journal is available via the link below and will guide you through tracking the many relevant ways you can be playing The GOHM. Or you could simply record in your own journal or notebook.

Next Steps...

Begin tracking your game experience now by using the tool specifically designed for this purpose.