The game of Plus Two is a very simple add-on to The GOHM. To play, you commit to taking the following actions on a daily basis, in addition to expecting insights and messages.

The objective to Plus Two is to expand your social connections for benefits in love and/or career or business.

1. You must initiate conversations with two strangers each day – conversations that go beyond standard expectations of service-related talk or general polite pleasantries such as: please, thank you, excuse me, and pardon me. In other words, you will be seeking to connect with them in some warm way involving speech communication. Strangers can be anyone of any age or gender. You can engage two people at the same time to fulfill your daily two or in two separate exchanges with two different people.

2. When you initiate these beyond-standard interactions with strangers, you must do so while embodying love energy of some sort. The love energy you feel can be friendship, or gratitude and appreciation. It can be helpfulness, adoration, or it can even be physical attraction energy, when this genuinely applies.

3. If and when the connection continues beyond even what you expected, continue to interact until the conversation comes to a natural close.

4. If you make someone smile during this process, you get a bonus point. Shoot for a bonus point with every interaction.

The game will inevitably get you out of the house or office, or will, at the very least, get you talking to delivery people or telemarketers in ways you never expected. The game works best when you can enroll another friend to play along in his/her life, at the same time, so you can both compare notes on who accomplishes their daily two with the greatest speed. This way, you can work as accountability partners to hold each other to the commitment of maintaining your two-a-day count.

Be careful to ensure you do not miss the following day’s goal of two as you want to avoid skipping two days in a row.