What if I don’t recall my dreams?

If you don’t recall your dream from last night’s sleep, feel free to re-purpose the DREAM NOTES section for something else.

Dream recall often happens when something awakens you in the middle of a dream instead of you emerging from sleep in a natural way. So, to have a better chance at capturing dreams you may wish to set your alarm clock for 10 minutes earlier than the time you normally wake up, to interrupt your dreaming state, the first couple nights. Keep your journal and pen or pencil beside the bed so you can capture what you recall. You can even return to sleep after you’ve written it down, if you have the time to.

Also, people who assume they never dream or will not be able to recall their dreams are creating the expectation that supports this inability to recall. To assist with the ability to recall, consider posing the question: I wonder what it would be like if I could rememb my dreams in vivid detail? Expect the Universe to answer your question and be sure to record the reen it does.


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